• Care Group Term (Group Life & Personal Accident)

This is a comprehensive employee insurance package that provides twenty four (24) hour coverage on a worldwide basis for Natural and Accidental death, Disability and Bodily Injuries to Staff during their period of employment.

  • Care Group Funeral Plan

The Care Group Funeral Plan is designed to provide payment of a lump sum (Sum Assured) for funeral expenses to Groups/Churches/Institutions/Associations at the occurrence of death of a member, spouse, biological parents or parents in-law and biological children during the period of cover.

  • Care Credit Life

It provides protection for the Financial Institution against a borrower’s inability to repay a loan facility as a result of: Natural or accidental death and Total Permanent Disability as a result of accident or illness.

  • Care Mortgage Plan

The Care Mortgage Protection Plan is designed to provide protection against the repossession of a property acquired through mortgage loans, in the event of death or total permanent disability of the borrower before the end of the full repayment term of the loan.

  • Care Keyman Plan

The Care Keyman Plan indemnifies a business organization for the monetary loss resulting from the death of a valuable or key employee. It pays for the cost of replacement of that key person