African Life is committed to making every customer’s encounter a pleasant experience.

As part of our pledge to you, African Life will

  • Deliver quality services with care and commitment
  • Ensure that we delight our clients at all times
  • Provide our clients with accurate information on our products and services
  • Ensure that our offices, reception and meeting areas are safe, comfortable and clean
  • Handle all clients’ enquiries and complaints promptly and professionally.


Clients are kindly requested to visit our branch offices for all their transactions.


African Life will ONLY assist with the collection of premiums from employers and designated banks for our Retail Clients.

Please note that as much as African Life Assurance Company has been mandated to collect premiums on behalf of our clients, the ultimate responsibility lies on policyholders to ensure that the agreed premiums reach African Life Assurance as and when they are due.


All applications for refunds are to be accompanied with pay slips/bank statements.


Clients are kindly reminded to bring along their policy documents whenever they visit any African Life Assurance Branch for any transaction.


Clients who call at any of our Branches for any enquiries are kindly requested to furnish the office with their name, institution, staff ID numbers and policy number(s) to facilitate the processing of their requests.


Clients who have misplaced their Policy Documents are kindly requested to swear affidavits to that effect and submit the affidavits at any African Life Branch for endorsements.


Clients are kindly requested to notify African Life when they change their telephone number(s) or postal address or institutional address so that they can always be contacted. Please notify us when you wish to change your beneficiaries. Kindly fill out the CHANGE FORM available at all our branches.