Life  Assurance  businesses  are  very  volatile  and  not  easily  predictable.  The  activities of  Life  business  are  characterized  by  risks  or  uncertainties  that  may  affect  our  objectives  negatively  or  positively.  Controlling  these  risks  or  uncertainties  through  a  formal program is necessary for the well-being of the organization and everyone in it. 

Therefore,  AFRICAN  LIFE  ASSURANCE  has  implemented  a  robust  risk  management framework  in  which  material  risks  are  proactively  identified,  communicated  and managed across the Company.

The implementation of an Enterprise Risk Management helps the Company to consider all  the  relevant  areas  of  risk  from  a  wide  perspective  and  to  ensure  that  the  right prevention and response mechanism are used to maximize stakeholder value.

Again,  our  risk  management  statement  confirms  our  resolve  to  adopting  the  best strategically appropriate Risk Management approach to control risks.